Polysan Antigen Therapy

The Polysans areĀ a group of ten Sanum remedies that work as antigen testers. When the indicated Polysan remedy is given it produces an antigen antibody reaction within the body thus stimulating the immune system defences to clear out old infections and toxic information from the immune system.

The Polysan remedies have been found to be an effective therapeutic agent for chronic disorders and also act as an active immunization. They may be used diagnostically and therapeutically. Dr. Spengler produced the remedies as a type of homeopathic antigenic vaccination, being diluted and succussed according to homeopathic principles. The assessment process includes mixing a drop of the patient’s blood with a drop of each of the corresponding remedies. When antibodies are present in the human blood from former diseases there will be a reaction with the homeopathic Polysan antigens; that is there is an antigen-antibody reaction, which produces an agglutination effect as in blood typing. The degree of agglutination indicates the level of antibody-titer of the patient.

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