Hypnotherapy relates to the utilization of the characteristics and phenomena of hypnotic trance to facilitate a therapeutic effect. Hypnosis is a normal physiological altered state of consciousness, similar to but not the same as being awake; similar to but not the same as being asleep, and is produced by the presence of two conditions: A central focus of attention and surrounding areas of inhibition.

The state of hypnosis in turn produces three things: An increased concentration of the mind; an increased relaxation of the body; and an increased susceptibility to suggestion. The mind in its own place, and it itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven. A person can give a negative or positive suggestion to his subconscious mind. The society in which we live bombards us continually with all types of suggestions and confuses the average man, leads him to fear, worry, anxiety, excitement, jealousy, anger, ego, inferiority complex and other psychological disturbances.