About myself

My interest in Naturopathy and alternative therapies started in 1996 when repeated courses of antibiotic therapy to cure a common cold, started to cause drastic effects.  Subsequently, I qualified as a Natural Practitioner in 2004 when I completed Bachelors in Alternative Medicine, with the University of  Alternative Medicine in India, as well as an M.D.(A.M.), Ph.D. (A.M.), Masters in Psychotherapy and Counseling and a Bachelors degree in Hypnosis. These qualifications enable me to practice in all disciplines of Naturopathy and related therapies.

Cupping precedure

Being a mother of three daughters, I understand the need to take good care of our total health. Health is affected negatively by a rushed, pressurized, and inadequate dietary lifestyle.  This is where I treat it in the least invasive and most natural way possible.

People and their physical well-being are my passion. Total health ensures a happy family and creates a social environment for the optimal functioning of the individual. I am especially excited about how Naturopathy can provide a holistic approach to healthcare. Naturopathy. focuses on prevention and allows an alternative therapeutic option.